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Daily Musings

Stuff is a great word. Not a very complicated one, but a great word nonetheless. From penguins to the load of crap in my backpack...stuff covers it. And stuff.


Note to Marker: This website is an online writing portfolio of sorts. Not only does it accomplish the last step of the Writing Process, Publish, but it is also beneficial for me to transport documents. This website also serves as a constant update system out of school. So when my novel is finished (AND IT WILL BE!!!), you will have access to it if you'd like. I will also post some of my older writing and my newest ones that aren't novel related. And by the way, being a Lions fan is not a bad thing! Gotta be loyal to your state, even if the definition of 'suck' in Webster's Dictionary is the Detroit Lions. And I know that this paragraph is practically written below, but I feel the need to reinforce this website's importance and use as some of the time spent in Independent Study.

My name is Ethan Rademacher, and if you're here, I likely directed you here. This small website has a collection of my writing, both recreational and for school. This collection of writing is primarily for Mr. Marker (current creative writing/independent study teacher). Its purpose is to allow easy access to my writing for myself, my teacher(s), and family. More writing will be added as I go- some old, some new. If you're a visitor, feel free to look around...but...


Stealing somebody else's work and claiming it as your own is just about the lowest thing you could do. If you like my writing, I'm glad. But seriously, write your own stuff. Or better yet, WRITE BETTER STUFF.

By the way, for the essays. If you're a student looking for something to copy, you'll likely get screwed over by turnitin.com. Because they've been submitted and turnitin will recognize your plagiarism. And I will laugh at you from afar.

Lastly, some of my things will simply not be available for public view. Few people will ever see this site, but there are some works that I simply cannot risk theft.

Big thanks to Angelfire for the numerous sites they have hosted for me in the past.

Also, thanks Rockford Public Schools (Michigan) for the education and tutoring. And...simply for unblocking Angelfire so I can continue to work.

I added this because I find it interesting. Play with it if you'd like! Or perhaps...start your own STUFF here?

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