Eclipse Statistics

Category: Novel
Genre: Fantasy/Fiction
Began: November 18, 2006
Finished: N/A
Current Length: 46 pages
Approximate Word Count: 16,000
Medium: Microsoft Word

Read: Eclipse

If you have difficulties opening Eclipse by clicking the link, right click it and go to 'Save Target As...'. This should allow you to open it.


Eclipse is the longest, and one of the best writings I have produced yet. It remains a work in progress, and much revision is being done as I continue writing.


Eclipse begins with the past of Sorak and Sorayon Dauthyr, the protagonists and main heroes of the story. They are close brothers and the last members of the Dauthyr family, whose home (and Sorak and Sorayon's parents) was razed in an orc attack.

Zasira, the daughter of King Zendyar, becomes Queen of the Dark Elves of Twilight Forest- the elven homeland. With the manipulative aid of the evil fiend Yelix, she orchestrates a war with the peaceful light elves. While doing so, she sends Sorak and Sorayon on an essential mission that is key for their victory in the future elven war. Sorak and Sorayon unknowingly take the task, as she is their adopted sister (and queen).

Events unfold, and the mysterious power Stone of Sinzu is unleashed in a cataclysmic battle that determines the future of the elven race.

Eclipse was inspired by "Forgotten Realms" books such as Homeland and Ressurection. The war between "moon elves" (light elves in my story) and dark elves is hinted upon repeatedly throughout the books, but the war was never written. It is an untold story that I seek to tell.

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